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Nobody Like You




  1. Akirn said:
    Ain’t nobody like you I like you No, nobody like you yeah Nobody like you yeah Ain’t nobody like you. I’m the type of girl that should do Everything she wanna do I’m the type of girl that should have Everything she wanna have Now I want you so bad I can’t lose So babe ain’t nobody like you. No matter where I look, it’s only you.
  2. Salkis said:
    Nobody can love me, nobody like you Nobody can feel me, nobody like you Nobody can touch on my body like you Would you be mine if I make you come true And I promise I could die for somebody like you Feeling so alive with somebody like you I only got one heart but you break it in two When I realize there's nobody like you Like you Now's your time.
  3. JoJodal said:
    The word “like” has different meanings/interpretations, and both options you've given are correct in different contexts. The “like” in “Nobody like you” is correct if you're using “like” in the comparative sense, such as: “There's nobody like you.
  4. Femi said:
    There is nobody like You, God And there will never be There'll never be There will never be Anyone like You, Jesus 'Cause Your Name is greater, than any name I know Your Throne is higher, than any other throne You are the Author, the Creator of it all You stand alone, You stand alone Oh God, there is nobody like You, God There is nobody like.
  5. Shakara said:
    Mar 09,  · No-nobody like you, yeah Nobody like you, yeah Ain't nobody like you. More on Genius. Original Song. Korean "ITZY - NOBODY LIKE YOU (Romanized)" Track Info. Recorded At. Release Date March 9,
  6. Mezilrajas said:
    Nobody Like You by Paul Wilbur. Key: G G | Capo: 0 fr | Left-Handed. Key: G Intro: Em G Bm Am Verse 1: Em G Bm Am Lord of all I bow down at your feet Em G Bm Am All to You Lord I give, all of me Em G Bm Am My soul long to behold who you are C D Veil is torn Chorus: Em G Holy, is the Lord of glory Bm Am we lift our voice and sing, to You our.
  7. Tojak said:
    Nov 16,  · [Intro] Em C G Em C G [Verse 1: Jesy] Em C G I'm alive, and living's just a beating heart Em C G 'Cause we won’t admit we've taken it too far Em C G I know it's love 'cause I will always be the first Em C G To start making up excuses when it hurts [Pre-Chorus: Jesy] Am G D But I'm alone, I'm alone, I'm alone again Am G D And all I want, all I.
  8. Goltiramar said:
    Dec 13,  · Nobody But You Lyrics: Don't have to leave this town to see the world / 'Cause it's something that I gotta do / I don't wanna look back in 30 years / And wonder who you're married to / .

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