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Punk Rock Girl - Tastes Like Capitalism - Welcome To Capitalism EP (CDr)




  1. Kazshura said:
    “Yes that’s right, punk is dead Punk became a fashion just like hippy used to be and it ain’t got a thing to do with you or me.”– lyrics by Crass, The Feeding of the Five Thousand (). Ever since the historic protests against the WTO in Seattle at the close of the last millenium, anarchism as a revolutionary theory has been sought after by an increasing number of people from.
  2. Fekasa said:
    Capitalism creates prosperity. By channeling energies into production and innovation, it has enabled billions of ordinary people to live better than the royalty of old. But capitalism puts power.
  3. Faugis said:
    Examples of Capitalism. The following are examples of capitalism. Capitalism Example #1. The United States of America is one of the foremost major countries to follow capitalism. Innovation led by capitalism has been one of the major reasons why the US has global corporations like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and Facebook.
  4. Nikokasa said:
    Poor Little Music is from Brantford, Ontario, Canada. It is run by Rob Michalchuk. Rob also helped with running another now defunct Brantford label Wolfbeat Records for a few years.
  5. Mular said:
    r/Anarcho_Capitalism: Welcome to /r/Anarcho_Capitalism, a place to discuss free market capitalist anarchism and related topics, and share things .
  6. Kajikree said:
    Capitalism, economic system, dominant in the Western world since the breakup of feudalism, in which most means of production are privately held and production, prices, and incomes are determined by markets. Learn more about the history and development of capitalism in this article.
  7. Nemi said:
    Apr 09,  · The beauty of punk, like rock n’ roll before it was that anybody and their friends could do it. The spirit of entrepreneurialism and D.I.Y. is why libertarians hold punk in such high regard.
  8. Bajind said:
    Our rally call is DEFEND AMERICA through our Bill of Rights, our core ideals, and through Capitalism. If you are good with that, let's rock. Now, this COULD be a big belly flop. I'll post things about this all this coming week. If at least 12 people can help and put in hours a week toward this, I'll invest resources and make this happen.

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