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Numbers - Noise Annoys - Third Try (Vinyl, LP, Album)




  1. Dukazahn said:
    As the solos come around again, they become more chaotic and dissonant with each pass, until Shelley finally restores himself to a measured if uneasy calm as the tune comes to a screeching halt. "Noise Annoys" was the sort of song destined to be a B-side, but in the hands of the Buzzcocks it became the sort of B-side a fan would treasure.
  2. Tokus said:
    May 08,  · Vinyl typically offers db SNR, I've never seen an LP with 50db- even a good condition 78 has better signal to noise than that. Its also important to note that the signal to noise on a record varies depending on the frequency. At 10kz, the SNR is convincingly above 75db. I wouldn't look at SNR when comparing vinyl to a CD.
  3. Mojar said:
    A landmark album that had one of the best versions of the Jazz Messengers taking a big step forward – thanks to some increased songwriting by the group's young tenor genius – Wayne Shorter! Shorter's tunes take up all of the second half of the record, and all of them have gone onto become classics – "Giantis", "Sleeping Dancer Sleep On", and "Noise In The Attic" – all tunes that hint.
  4. Garisar said:
    IT'S new release round-up time again here at Noise Annoys towers, this week featuring a mix of old favourites and new discoveries running the gamut from jazz to grunge. Subscribe from £1 User.

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